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Women Empowerment and Saftey

The TFG Trust believes that Stree Shakti (Women Power) need to be released if the country has to progress in the right path. In India it is chiefly untapped. Women are weak in their body and low in motivation to take on fresh challenges and the leadership in the community or the society in which they live. To tap these resources and challenge these wonderful people towards their streamlining into main society, we have undertaken many projects and programmes. One of them is "The People Empowerment Project" at Delhi and UP. This project aims at empowering women and mobilise them to address the issue of poverty and strengthen the civil society in India through formation and strengthening of Self Help groups and other different means. This project covers the state of Delhi and number of villages in UP.

It is the aim of The Full Gospel Trust of India to works towards fighting poverty by constituting Self Help Groups and ensure empowerment of women through compulsory enrolment of each member in the Adult literacy programme and keeping them informed about their rights and strengthening of the civil society. The Self Help Groups or SHGs are the most effective and accepted form of women empowerment programme where members are encouraged to save their money and circulate their saving within themselves to enhance their financial conditions by starting small businesses or enterprises. The entire decision making process rests with the women groups. They are the ones who hold and operate the accounts and decide on the beneficiaries. This is a highly successful programme and the TFG Trust is committed to bring these benefits to the millions in our country and it is doing so with much success as on date.

TFG Trust, under this project has been organizing regular meetings for these SHG groups so that they are well informed about saving habits, loan schemes and many other profitable matters. While participating in the scheme, most of the women come to the adult literacy center run by the project and are made functionally literate. They are also trained and assisted with developing and maintaining of small scale cottage industries that include making of masala (spices), phenyl, incense sticks, detergent powder and cakes, candles (both plain and coloured), Vaseline, pain balms, carry bags, Kashmere and other handicrafts, paper plate making, etc., Women are also exposed to various community leadership programmes and other skill and vocational trainings that enable them to earn additional income while staying home. They are also educated about their civil and human rights and are encouraged to raise their voices in the right forum and at the time opportune on various social issues such as the Female Foeticide, Gender discrimination, Dalit Issue, child rights and Human rights. Through these programmes the women become strong and empowered and thus build a strong civil society. Men too are following the same pattern in all our target areas

So far the TFG Trust has been able to Empower above 5000 women and their families through setting up and consolidating hundreds of Self-help Groups, thousands of Credit and Saving programs of individual women and many hundreds of Adult literacy classes. It has formed 8 federations and a cooperative for carrying out loan and micro-credit activities. The organisation has also developed various livelihood options for women so that their family income is enhanced and family circumstances changed for good. All these they have been doing in partnership with and cooperation of other similar minded NGOs such as ESAF, EFICOR, NABARD, SHARAN and other women groups, Apart from these, this project has been training the members in various income generation programmes such as making of spice, candle, Vaseline, Phenyl, detergent powder, handicraft items etc and these are registered under the trade name of "Samarth" – and under this name we market the products that are prepared by women Details are provided in the continuing sheet.

The project continuously work towards building the capacity of project and organisational staff. Some meetings that are carried out on routine basis include; Group meetings, Federation meetings, meeting of the cooperative, seminars, workshops and campaigns. income generation programme related meetings, camps on health awareness, camps on legal awareness, seminars on different poverty alleviation related matters, exposure trips, workshops on report writing, Nutrition camps, seminars on getting enrolled in an existing insurance scheme, trainings on garbage management, Trainings in book Keeping. The International Women Day celebration is a regular feature of the project. In this project, we have assisted the SHG group members to undergo tailoring training. When they have passed out the course, they have been encouraged to form cooperatives and start production centers where all kinds of dresses such as ladies and children garment and embroidery work are undertaken. Since the time of launching of this programme, women are showing much interest and are being benefited. This project has also encouraged and assisted the group members to take computer courses from our Rhema Computer Centre and this has challenged them further. Under this project Mahila panchyats have also been formed in various locations to tackle problems being faced by women in the community. These panchayat work in close cooperation with the Delhi Police and the Delhi Council for women. These groups are not only solving the problem at community, but they are also working for the cause of environment protection, strengthening of civil society and towards communal harmony and many more other social and advocacy programes. The project has tied up with banking and other financial institutions and disbursed loans linked to insurances, So far this project has circulated millions of rupees amongst the community women with 100 per cent return record, which is very commendable. Members have taken loan up to 1 lakh, or one hundred thousand and more. These have really changed the perception, lifestyle and thinking of women and have instilled in them a passion and desire TO BE DIFFERENT, STRONG AND BOLD CITIZENS OF INDIA. This is Women Empowerment.

(Manufactured and marketed by the weaker and marginalized section of Indian Women through their Self Help Groups so that their children are assisted in their education and health issues)

Namaskaar. We are extremely proud and excited to put our SAMARTH products in your hands and families. All 'Samarth' products, as you would realize, are pure and high quality products and best of the handicrafts that are prepared under strict supervision and highest quality control standards. All our products are produced and marketed by women who know about the quality and its usage. So, you get a homely as well as professional touch in all of them when you buy our products. 'Samarth'- as its name suggests, is CAPABLE of giving you the most authentic Indian taste and quality products, because women who generally select such items for use in their homes are the ones in charge of its production. They are putting in their hard labor so that with the profit they earn from these products can be used for the education and health of their children and families.

By purchasing our 'Samarth' products and handicrafts you not only bring quality items, but you buy it at the most competitive price in the market. Our target is to provide you with the most healthy and nutritious food products and also the best of other items including handicrafts. Only SAMARTH products and handicrafts are capable of giving original taste and creative beauty of India at a price that no one else offers.

Some of our exclusive 'SAMARTH' products include;
Ready to use spices such as Chilly powder, Coriander powder, Turmeric powder, Pepper powder, cumin seed powder, Rasam powder, Sambar powder, papads, chutneys, pickles etc.,

Handicrafts made just as in Kashmir and other places. These includes jewelry boxes, serving wooden trays, Christmas decoration, decorative candles, paper pulp products, and High class Sanitary and Hygiene products such as Detergent powder, phenyl, liquid detergents, candles, pain balm and many more. Just watch out for the same.

By purchasing Samarth products and handicrafts, you assist us in educating children living in difficult circumstances, or providing them with proper medical care. These children are from villages, slums or born to parents suffering from HIV&AIDS or those of commercial sex workers. Thus by purchasing 'Samarth' you not only buy the best in market, but you also fulfill your social obligations and contribute towards the development of our nation and its progress.

Thank you for your kind support to us. For Further contact or business connections call us at;

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