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What we are

Who We Are or what is TFG Trust of India?

What is The Full Gospel Trust of India?
The Full Gospel Trust of India (TFG Trust) is a national Development organisation working in India. The rationale for our involvement in issues of social concern arises from the Bible where God calls each one to build a just and equitable society and to care for creation.

What TFG Trust Does
TFG Trust serves the poor and marginalised irrespective of caste, creed, or religion in situations of poverty, injustice and disaster.

TFG Trust is motivating and partnering with other NGOs and the Governments in uplifting the poor and marginalised. TFG Trust's relief and development programmes provide a model for involvement in the development process, which is equitable, sustainable, and value based.

Core areas of TFG Trust's work:

  • Community Development
  • Advocacy and networking
  • Development Education
  • Capacity building
  • Care for HIV/AID infected and affected, and
  • Disaster response

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