• Saturday, October 24, 2020
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The vision of our ministry is "TO ENSURE SMILE ON EVERY FACE". This is best done by establishing a redeemed, regenerated and progressive society, which will be free from exploitation, injustice and disparities-where the overall development and dignity of every person will be secured, where people can live in peace, with solidarity, co-operation & brotherhood and where the rights and dignity of each one will be protected. All these would be brought about by empowering people at the grass roots and in our times and through transformation and sustained development of the community in which we live at present times.


The Full Gospel Trust of India has started with a mission to;
  • To eradicate poverty and hunger, to uplift the economically and socially deprived. Children Development, Women safety, empowerment and rights are the major focus areas.
  • To make the youth and ladies self dependant, by giving them trainings on income generation programs, health talks and also by providing business and education loans.
  • To spread networking with NGO's and Go's for better impact and development of the communities.
  • To promote environment friendly approaches in development and disaster management,

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