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The Child Survival Programme (CSP)

The Full Gospel Trust of India has been working tirelessly to enrich the lives of people who are poor, neglected and vulnerable. It works towards supplementing the efforts of federal government towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal in India. One more area where the organization is actively engaged is reducing maternal death. India is one of the countries that has the highest maternal death rates globally.

In order to address this issue, the Child Survival Program was launched in partnership with Compassion International on the 1st April 2008 at Suraj Park slum of New Delhi. The aim of the project is the holistic development of the pregnant and lactating mothers and their children. The beneficiaries are 70 very poor, illiterate, pregnant mothers who live in very unhygienic and unhealthy conditions in this slum. They go to quacks instead of government dispensaries or hospitals and thus their, and their children health and life is at risk. This is very bad especially for the new born babies. These women in the slum hail from different states of India and speak different languages and exhibit a variety of behavior.

This project identifies the most needy, pregnant and lactating mothers and works for the total care of these women and their children ranging between 0-3 years of age. Giving birth to a healthy child and healthy life of the mother and her child is the aim of the CSP. Therefore CSP helps these mothers and their children to live a healthy dignified and better life. In order to achieve this aim, the project undertakes various kinds of programme and activities. These include;

a. Regular teaching on health, hygiene and good food habits are given to the mother and child. Various experts are called to teach them about the best practices and answer their questions pertaining to child birth and child raring.

b. The CSP project provides regular family and personal counseling to the mothers. This is necessary as many mothers go through tough mental agony and depression during their pregnancies and thus hundreds of families are being benefited.

c. Special dietary programs and activities are undertaken for the mother and their children. They are taught to take necessary nutrients that are locally available and are cheap so that no one suffers from mal-nourishment.

d. The project provides medical care and constant monitoring of growth and weight of mother and her child.

e. The project supplies regular milk and fruits to the mothers for the good health of the mother and the child

f. The project also conducts regular adult education programme for the mothers and assist them to be functionally literate.

g. The MCUs (the mother and child unit) are also taught saving habits and are encouraged to form self-help groups and take advantage of the micro credit programme specially designed to empower women. This programme is benefiting many women and they are involved in income generation activities and thus are being benefited.

h. The MCUs are given legal education aswell. This helps them to enjoy their rights and privileges provided to the mothers by the government and the civil society. This also enables them to understand the society much better and participate in it's community life.

i. The project helps the MCUs to acquire some income generation skills such as the tailoring, beautician so that they are able to overcome the hardship or the difficulties/challenges of their life. This helps in building self confidence in them and bringing out there hidden talents. And, apart from this,

j. Special attention is given to the development of the new born children in the CSP project program. The project cares for the child when she/he is in their mother's womb. The project not only takes care of their health aspects, but helps the mother and her child in their complete and wholesome growth.

CSP Project and its activities enable a mother to take care of her life, health and child. It also assists her to manage her family well and live a dignified life. This is the vision of the organization and it is accomplished at the community of Surajpark where MCUs are empowered to take care of their GEN-NEXT.

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