• Saturday, October 24, 2020
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save women save delhi

The Full Gospel Trust of India is committed for the empowerment, safety and security of girl children and women in Delhi and else where. Since last 5 years through its "Save Women – Save Delhi" programme, the TFG Trust has been bringing in awareness amongst women, and girls about their legal rights and how and where to exercise the same. It has been able to develop a response mechanism that evokes promptness in addressing the issue of safety and security of women and girls in schools and communities and in partnership with the Women cells, Mahila Mandals, Delhi Police, Child welfare Councils, Central and State Council of Women. It has also developed a strong network of NGOs working for the same cause in the target area.

During the past years the Full Gospel Trust of India has been able to connect with Delhi Legal Service Authority and solved 2192 cases of abuse and domestic violence. It has conducted 1173family workshops, provided one to one counseling to more than 3800 persons in distress and trauma, formed many a support groups, mobilized mahila panchayats in the slums of Delhi and been able to carry out 120 programmes in self defence training in various government and private schools that has benefited more than 8700 school girls and and girls from different communities and all these girls have been awarded a certificate by Delhi Police on completion of their trainings.

The role of TFG Trust of India as a voice for the voiceless, rallying for the victims of various forms of abuse and rape, creating awareness in communities and amongst men, a training unit for the girls in self defense and awarding them a certificate on completion of the training in partnership with Delhi Police is much appreciated by the masses and communities. In the days to come it is committed to make “ DELHI – A SAFE CITY FOR GIRLS”.

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