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Our Projects

The highlights of the various activities and achievements of The Full Gospel Trust of India during this fiscal year had been in line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and now the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It has been able to achieve good success in its efforts and those are enlisted as below.

The Full Gospel Trust adopted a strategy to fight poverty by engaging and economically empowering women from various poorer communities. The women thus would be in control of the economy of the family and can ensure regular food on the table, good education and healthcare for their children while saving some amount for their future emergencies so that they do not have to go to money lenders and be trapped in debt.

Thus through its People Empowerment Project, the Full Gospel Trust got engaged in fighting poverty. The main aim of the project has been to empower 5000 women and their families through engaging them in Self Help Groups. More than 250 Self Help Groups were thus formed under the project and they have been synchronized with income generation programs. Under the project. Small loans are given to members of the groups especially the most deserving ones. The loans are thereafter repaid with low rate of interest in instalments. This has been instrumental in uplifting their social and economic conditions and pull them out of the poverty situation. This project is operational in the slums and resettlement colonies of Delhi and a host of villages in the district of Aligarh in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

Formation of Self help groups (SHGs):
SHG groups are formed under the project to encourage the saving habits amongst women. In a SHG 15 - 19 members are enrolled where they save a particular amount every month. In the time of need they can take a loan from that saving or they can jointly run a small business as a group. The member are encouraged to save 100/- or 200/-Rupees every month in their own groups. This helps the women in inculcating the habit of saving. From the groups they can take loan and start a new business. Presently there are 2265 members, 127 groups and six federations under the project in Delhi. The groups are connecting with various nationalized banks and availing loan for their own groups to start and strengthen their businesses. The TFG Trust has also made 100 groups that comprises of a total numbers of nearly 2500 women with one federation in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh and tied up with NABARD and AryaBhat Cooperative bank The success of loan return is almost 100 percent in both places. It is approaching and engaging more women in SHG groups. During this reporting period more than 600 loans have been sanctioned amounting to a sum of Rs.40 lakh. TFG Trust is committed to bring these benefits to the millions in our country.

Income generation and Vocational Skills:
Another aim of the project has been to provide women with income generation skills through impartation of various trainings so that they themselves can start some small business and make themselves and their families financially strong. The TFG Trust organizes various Income Generation skill Trainings such as candle making, phenol making, washing powder, Vaseline making training, beauty culture, cutting and tailoring Nutrition food making training and, etc. under the project. The trainings have benefited almost all members of the groups. After successful trainings they are encouraged to avail loans from their groups or banks or financing institutions and thus come out of their poverty net. Inter loaning within the groups and various federations are encouraged. The project has enhanced their confidence so that they can make various products and sell it in the market. Whatever profit they earn it is shared among themselves. These types of small entrepreneurs and their products are registered under the name “Samarth”. It is yielding good profit for the women in the programmes.

Tailoring training Centre:
We are running numbers of vocational training centers at Delhi Maharashtra, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh where hundreds of girls and youth are learning various skills such as tailoring etc., They are being liberated economically and gaining skills to earn while remaining at home.

Management of SHGs and networking:
Apart from fiscal engagements, women are imparted with skills to maintain their books of accounts and use computer for the same. They are taken to various other NGOs where they met other women and learn from them about empowerment and entrepreneur skills.

The success story of our Self Help Group member Surawati who was benefited through our Self Help Group program run by The Full Gospel Trust of India. Surawati is one of the members of Jagriti Self Help group in Delhi. She had been undergoing financial crisis She did not know what to do for herself and her family? She was the only bread earner of her family, but she was not having any job. In this situation she was told about the SHG programmes. She joined the group and shared with her group members about her situation. The group members suggested and decided to help her through giving loan for financial help for to run some small business.

The Jagriti Self Help Group and its members agreed to give Rs. 10000/- to her to start some small business. Surawati and her children decided to start vegetable vending shop. For to start a business they need money and took loan and started the vegetable shop. Now the business is running smoothly. She is earning good profit of nearly 200 rupees a day, so her house members are all blessed and are full with happiness., She now is able to fulfill the demand of her children and meet their needs.Surawati is a widow she had to face lots of problem in the community and personal life, after her husband’s death. But today she is thankful and grateful for being a part of Self Help Group, she has 4daughters and two sons, their names are Phoolkumari, Pooja, Aarti,Mamta, Jwala and Karan.

Access to Education for all:
Our focus area has been four fold in this field - These are:-

  • Right to Education for All by upscaling initiatives that strengthen Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD), Elementary, Secondary, Higher Education, Adult Literacy & Inclusive Special Education
  • Education that promotes learning opportunities through skill development and confidence building, including digital literacy.
  • Education that leads to better livelihood opportunities and improved income & better living for young people and adults.
  • Holistic education that encompasses co-scholastics such as sports, art and craft, performing & fine arts, promotion of culture, orientation on national heritage, theatre, provides opportunity for not only overall development but also sustainable livelihoods.

In these regard, we are working consistently towards ensuring primary education for all and reduce the increasing rate of school dropouts between the age group of 6-14 years. We are helping the parents and families through various programmes that support the children and the drop outs, especially girl children by providing formal as well as non formal education. Following are the activities mentioned below undertaken by the trust.

Formal Education:
TFG Trust has been working on this innovative project since 10 years with an aims to provide formal education to all the children, mandatory under the RTE Act of our country. The Trust has two formal Symbiosis International Schools in Gujarat and UP. The schools provide free education to the rural children who are deprived of quality education. Apart from the formal schooling pattern, teachers try to teach the children through play way method so that the children take interest in studies. It really makes the organization feel great in order to support such children who are neglected. Both the schools are government recognized and are well accepted among people.

A Symbiosis International School, Tuna Village, Kuchh, Gujrat:
The Symbiosis International School, Tuna, Gujarat was started in the year 2003 after the relief and rehabilitation work was undertaken by the Trust following the massive Gujrat Earthquake. The school came up as a result of the villagers for quality education for their children in this rural part of Gujrat. The school has classes up to 8th standard and a strength of 250 students. It has made giant leaps in all spheres of education in the past. Today it is on its path of progress. The school has a small but yet a very committed and sincere faculty that shoulders the huge responsibility of imparting quality education to each child. The school provides various platforms for the children so that their hidden talents are exposed and they are equipped to face the challenges of the future that the nation holds for them. Apart from their regular studies, they are encouraged to participate in various competitions, keep the environment clean, maintain personal hygiene, etc. During the current financial year 45 new students admitted in the school.

Symbiosis International School Akrabad, Aligarh:
Another symbiosis international School was started in the year 2010 in Akrabad Village of Aligarh district in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. This too has made great gains in the field of education. This School has been recognized by the state government up to 5th standard. This year the number of student in the school is 149. All students of class V have passed there examination. The school is progressing well and soon it will start more classes. The school students up to standard 5th are getting regular scholarship from the government through the Gram Panchayat. The rural children are showing great results and one day it is our desire that they will be the pride of their village and the nation of India. The school has a piece of land that is set aside for the building and the construction will soon begin to benefit the students of the region. The children in the school are on their path to progress.

Non Formal education:- Pre Schooling for children

A Balwadis at Delhi slums
Free and compulsory elementary education is a constitutional commitment and is a fundamental right of children in India. Despite all around improvement in school education, there is a significant number of out of school, never enrolled and dropped out children. Thousands of students do not have any access to primary and upper primary schooling educational facilities. In view of large number of out of school children and un-served habitations, concerted efforts have been made by the TFG Trust across communities in the form of non-formal education and Balwadis. During this year a total number of 68 children have been enrolled in non formal education programme in Delhi itself.

Balwadi at Colaba Slum at Mumbai:
More than 150 children have been taught in the balwadi who otherwise would not go to any schools. After they have attended the Balwadi where they are also given nutritious meal each day, Nearly 78 students have taken admission in the School.

Balwadi at Dharwad in Karnataka
108 children from the rural Dharwad have been taught in the balwadi at Karnataka state. These children have also been provided with nutritious meal each day, Nearly 82 students have taken admission in the government school. It is our conviction that more needs to be done.

Extra Coaching Classes:
TFG Trust takes extra efforts to assist and encourage hundreds of students hailing from the government schools of Delhi, UP and Gujarat and Bengal to improve their scholastic skill, especially those who are weak in studies and weak in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, etc. TFG Trust runs various coaching centres that help the children in subjects which they have difficulty. These students had been finding it hard to pay their tuition fees; they are identified and enrolled in coaching classes through our pre schooling and extra coaching programs. TFG Trust appoints good and experienced teachers to help them in their studies after school hours and with extra coaching classes. Hundreds of these poor and needy students are now improving in their studies and getting good marks in their classes.

Adult Education:
Women are provided with opportunities to be functional literate through Adult Education classes, attend various legal awareness camps whereby they are made aware of their rights and how to use them and not be abused.

TFG Trust works for those adults who are uneducated and can not study due to some unavoidable reason. The project is working on the development and education for such adults, men and women who need educational help. These classes are basically for those women who are interested in studying but are not able to study due to some hurdles in their life this also helps them in their empowerment. Our basic aim is to support the women in every field so that they can be self sufficient and can take care of their family. This year we have conducted Adult Education classes for over 6500 women and made them functional literate.

Computer Literacy:
The Full Gospel Trust besides giving stress on secular education also gives importance to education that is related to IT like computer education for children as well as women of self-help group members. The organization aims towards the holistic development of both women and children.TFG Trust is running various computer centres in different areas like Suraj Park, Badli, Bhalaswa, Naglidary and Madhu Vihar. TFG Trust is looking forward to make the children and women computer literate in all the areas of operation of TFG Trust.

Water, Sanitation and focus on WASH:
The TFGTI has undertaken efforts to provide safe and potable drinking water in areas that is suffering due to lack of proper supply of drinking water from this reporting year. It has begun its operation from Nepal and during the reporting fiscal year, two water purifier system have been installed in Kathmandu, Nepal and it is supplying regular clean, potable drinking water to thousands on a day to day basis. One is installed in a Church and another in the Police Station. It is our desire to continue with the same programme in the next fiscal year at India and to begin with in Bengal and Orissa and Jharkhand. From there the operation will multiply and grow.

Fighting Trafficking of Women and ensuring their Safety:
The Full Gospel Trust of India is committed for the empowerment, safety and security of girl children and women in Delhi and also in Nepal. Since last 5 years through its “Save Women – Save Delhi” programme, the TFG Trust has been bringing in awareness amongst women, and girls about their legal rights and how and where to exercise the same. It has also been able to develop a response mechanism that evokes promptness in addressing the issue of safety and security of women and girls in schools and communities and in partnership with the Women cells, Mahila Mandals, Delhi Police, Child welfare Councils, Central and State Council of Women. It has also developed a strong network of NGOs working for the same cause in the target area.

During the past years the Full Gospel Trust of India has been able to connect with Delhi Legal Service Authority so solve various cases of abuse and domestic violence. It has conducted family workshops, provided one to one counseling to more than 800 persons in distress and trauma, formed many a support groups, mobilized mahilapanchayats in the slums of Delhi and been able to carry out 120 programmesin self-defence training in various government and private schools that has benefited more than 700 school girls and and girls from different communities and all these girls have been awarded a certificate by Delhi Police on completion of their trainings.

We have also been working together with “Peace and Rescue, Nepal” and engaged in checking cross border trafficking of women for flesh trade. During the reporting year we have rescued 4 women, two in Nepal and two from Jalpaiguri district of Bengal in India. Our engagement will grow stronger and deeper in the years to come. We plan Mid-Way homes for the rescued in Kathmandu, Utlabari in Bengal and also in Delhi. Their rehabilitatioin will be ensured and their social integration in the society.

The role that TFG Trust of India plays is that of a voice for the voiceless, rallying for the victims of various forms of abuse and rape, creating awareness in communities and amongst men, a training unit for the girls in self defense and awarding them a certificate on completion of the training in partnership with Delhi Police is much appreciated by the masses and communities. In the days to come it is committed to make “DELHI – A SAFE CITY FOR GIRLS”.

Health for all Program
The full Gospel Trust Focus area has been as follows:-

  • Equitable & Universal access to Health for all segments of population and ailments.
  • Access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, prevention and elimination of water borne diseases.
  • Maternal, adolescent, child health and nutrition and eradication of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

In this connection Regular health camps are organized by the TFG Trust in the community to address the health needs of deprived community people. Health checkups are conducted which includes dental care and eye checkups. All such activities are carried out in cooperation of Muhalla Clinics and the hospitals. The main emphasis is given to children from the community. After health checkups, medicines are provided to patients and children. Tonics are also provided to them to improve their health. The health camps are organized in the community so that community people and children can lead a healthy life.

TFG Ttust has also been engaged in creating awareness regarding HIV/AIDS among its target groups and Delhi in specific. One of our unique call is to engage and challenge the religion heads in India to be involved in it. We also have been providing training on issues related to Drug abuse prevention and HIV/AIDS to youth

Child Development Program:
Our main emphasis and engagement in this cause has been through :
a. Child Rights,
b. Compulsory education of children and
c. Fighting Malnourishment amongst children

Child Rights: We are actively involved in providing children their right to education, health and a dignified life. This is accomplished though various Development project and Day care programmes we have at Bhalaswa, Surajpark, Munsi Ram Dairy in North Delhi and in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Aligarh in UP. We are at present caring for more than Five thousands of children by providing them with proper formal education, health education and fighting mal nutrition, and education. The activities include mid-day meal for school children, supply of uniforms, dresses, hygienic supplies and shoes etc.

We are focusing on their total growth by ensuring they have access to all available opportunity and provisions as a citizen of the country. This is done through our Children clubs, annual Baal Grishm Mahostav where more than 5000 children attend the camp each summer. The Children Baal Panchayat and Child parliaments are another highlight of our care for Children.

Relief and Rehabilitation:
In national emergencies, be it natural or man made calamities,we assist the victims with emergency needs Prominent among them had been the Gujrat Earthquake, Tsunami, Floods in Orissa and Bihar and Kashmir, and Kashmir earthquake. But during this reporting period, the organisation got involved with the slum dwellers of Mumbai. When a sudden fire broke out, 900 people lost their shanties and we were the first one to supply immediate relief, food items and other essential items to nearly 1600 victims and their families. We distributed food to them for over a month and supplied house construction materials aswell. As a result all these victims stand rehabilitated today and are back to their normal life once again.

Leadership Development Institute:
Our Leadership Development and Training programmes push each and every delegate to gain a rigorous personal insight into what makes them tick and then, with that understanding of themselves, to stretch their ‘comfort zones’ into new and challenging territory. Coupled with this we focus on their ability to see what's going on. This is the one essential quality that anyone in any position of leadership must develop. Whether you're running a company, running a church fete or running a home, you can't excel unless you can see things from all points of view.

Once you develop your ‘seeing’ skills then you develop the skills that make things happen, get things unstuck, move things forward. You can look at creating a vision, motivating and inspiring others, setting clear agendas and supporting those who need to help make your vision become a reality.

Youth, Staff and Human resource Development:

  • TFG-Trust during the year has offered 23 staff training.
  • TFG-Trust has held annual staff retreat at Mumbai, Delhi and Maharashtra for all its staff and volunteers.
  • TFG-Trust staff perennial training has directly contributed to the achievement of high moral of its staff and attainment of organization’s objectives.
  • TFG-Trust has carried out Annual performance evaluations
  • TFG-Trust has conducted 67 training classes for youth and women in the state of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and Delhi and this has given rise to the opportunity for the youth to be gainfully employed

Networking and partnering:

  • TFG-Trust has actively engaged itself in productive partnerships with other organizations, nationally and globally.
  • Partnerships and networking with above has resulted in financial benefits and sharpening of technical skills that has enhanced the staff’s ability to accomplish.
  • Through partnerships, the TFG-Trust develops new networks and relationships that enhance its ability to accomplish its mission.
  • TFG-Trust plays a leadership role in promoting coalitions and network.
  • TFG-Trust maintains a collaborative relationship with the government in the areas in which it works.

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