• Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Media And Traning

The Distance Training Programme of The Full Gospel Trust of India started on the 1st March 2012 at Delhi. Its goal is "To enable people to learn and Pass to others". This was launched as the grass root team of the organization, engaged in development related activities across India have the felt need of being brought up to date with the development tools, best practices and also sharing of knowledge and success stories among the different programmes being carried out across India on different fields. So, with the aim of helping these grass root workers and community leaders, many of whom have not studied in a credible institutions due to lack of opportunity or resources, it has been designed to increase their capacity through distance learning.

This is designed to be done by recording the lessons, topics on various social and contemporary issues in India and passing the same through MP3 players to all category of workers across the land of India. The learners will be listening to the teachings and answering a short questionnaire after each lesson and will also gather together on a half yearly basis to have a combined reflection on various issues at Delhi. At this time their MP3 players will be reloaded. All learners will go through a period of 3 years and 50 selected subjects.

In this matter a recording talk studio has been erected at Surajpark, Delhi and has been functional since March, 2012. This is also likely to be made available for other organisations or institutions for their use and only for the good of the people of India.

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