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HIV/AIDS Awareness Project

The TFG Trust of India came into existence in 1995. This organisation has since then been working towards enriching the lives of people in India, both in rural and urban cities through various sustainable development strategies. The Project HIV/AIDS awareness project is planned and designed to create awareness in the rural as well as the urban population of the capital city as well as all metropolitan cities of India, chiefly among the youth and women through mass media, literature and one to one counselling.

From 2007 onward the TFG Trust is engaged in creating awareness among the people of Delhi and India. Till date millions of adults, children and youth from both sexes have been educated about the pandemic and its potential to infect any normal person. The project also addresses the issue of stigma and discrimination. It challenges people from all walks of life to open their arms and embrace children born to the families that are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS towards their social integration and thus form a responsible civil society. This is best done through the programmes listed below;

a) Creating awareness among the general masses of people of India through Radio and other mass media. One of our radio programme which is very popular is called 'Ek aur Ek Gyarah' (One and One - Eleven). This is aired on the All India Radio's FM Rainbow station at 102 MHZ on a weekly slot of half hour duration. This programme reaches out to millions of people in the19 states of India. The responses received in return to this programme is exhilarating. The thousands of responses received are all given due attention. All queries are answered to the satisfaction of all listeners and supporting literatures and information as well as local contacts and centre details are provided to each of them.

b) Private as well as government schools are contacted and children above the age of 14 are educated about the pandemic and how and why they should be careful about it. They are also challenged to fight stigma and discrimination. Their teachers are provided with special training so that they continue to educate these children in the long run.

c) Nukkad Natak (street plays) are one of the very effective tools that is used to educate people on the streets and way byes. Few thousands have already been educated and have enjoyed the message of awareness through natak and comedy.

d) The project is holding camps, distributing various appropriate literatures, visiting various institutional areas, commercial places, door to door visit, and market and transport areas to spread awareness through printed materials that are free of cost.

e) Religious groups of all faith have been contacted and their religious meeting venues and training schools have been used to educate people of the same faith. This is very helpful and fruitful way of promoting the cause.

f) Seminars, trainings and consultations have been one of the most effective methods of creating awareness among general mass as well as religious group leaders of all faiths.

g) Taking care of more than 40 children hailing from families either infected or affected with HIV/AIDS and providing these children with a safe environment to live in where there school fees, tuition fees, emotional and physical needs are taken care of.

h) Formation of care and support groups for positive people. This gives them a sense of belongingness and love from the community. These groups meet on week to week basis and are sharing their lives with each other while learning various latest information about the pandemic. They are in process of registering a society of their own that will enable them to receive government programmes and also provide them with employment opportunities

i) Mobilising hundreds of HIV/AIDS infected and affected families to either form or join an existing SHG groups so that they can have funds for emergencies and also have their own businesses to support themselves.

j) Mobilising the general public to come forward for testing at the approved centres.

k) Forming youth clubs and using the existing Self Help groups and Mahila mandals to spread the awareness about this pandemic,

l) Forming Conselling centres and libraries to educate people and assist them on one to one basis at different counselling centres in Delhi,

m) Providing necessary and important information to people about the clinics, hospitals or other facilitation centres they must visit at their time of need, and

n) To network with other NGOs and Government departments such as the NACO, DSACS, etc for quality services and avoiding of duplication.

This so far is experiencing great success in its effort to educate millions and is assisting the government in its effort to contain the spread of the pandemic. In the days to come it will be involved in this awareness programme more aggressively

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