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The Full Gospel Trust of India (TFG Trust) is registered under the Trust Registration Act, NCT of Delhi. Registration No: 2538/95dated 05-04-1995.

Your contributions will help many poor people throughout India to live a better life.

You may choose to support any of the following by donating the amount against the cause.

A. Rs6000/- would provide Education and tuition support to a child for a year.
B. Rs.2000/- would make an adult person literate.
C. Rs.2500/- will cover the cost of skill training to a women living in slum for income generation.
D. Rs.3000/- will cover the cost of skill training of a bonded / child labour for income generation.
E. Rs.5000/- will covers the cost to provide care to a HIV infected patient
F. Rs.1500/- would cover the cost to provide school supplies for a HIV and AIDS infected and affected child for a year.
G. Rs.2500/- would provide a kg of seeds, fertilizers and tools for a family to grow their own vegetables and build up their strength in rural India
H. Any other – (please specify – any disaster or wherever most needed etc)

For further mode of donations, please visit donate column in "What you can do" and "donation column". Thanks.

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